Frequently Asked Questions

Nigeria Police Report (Clearance)

Q: What is a Nigeria Police Report?

A: A document detailing people's criminal history, issued by the Nigeria Police Head Quarters, Alagbon, Lagos.
(this is also known as: Certificate of Good Conduct, Nigeria CRB, Certificate of Good Standing)


Q: How long does a Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate valid for?

A: 3months

Q: What is the cost of renewing my Nigeria Police Report?

A: Same as the cost of New one.

Q: Can a female applicant use the MALE application form?

A: Yes, simply add "FE" to the MALE.

Q: Can I get my document earlier than the stipulated time?

A: Yes, but we can not promise anything earlier than the stupulated.

Nigeria Birth Certificate

Q: What is a Nigeria Birth Certificate?

A: A certificate of birth record as issued by the National Population Commision.

Certificate Notarization

Q: What is a Cerificate Attestation?

A: Authenticating an academic certificate. This process of vetting and authentication is executed by the Ministry of Education.

Foreign Affairs Notarization

Q: What is a Foreign Affairs Notarization?

A: Authenticating other documents through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nigeria Trademark

Q: What is a Nigeria Trademark good for?

A: It helps to distinguish your product from others.

Document Translation

Q: How many language can you translate documents to?

A: FOUR, and growing (Spanish, French, Dutch and English).

Change of Name (Publication)

Q: What papers do you publish change on name request on?

A: ONE, you'll chose from our available options.

Invitation Letter to Nigeria

Q: Will you be able to provide me an invitation Letter to visit Nigeria?

A: Yes!.